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Student Completes Inquiry Project on Effects of Flipping in the Classroom

Saturday, May 03, 2014

During the internship semester, all students in the secondary education program must complete an inquiry project where they examine one aspect of their instruction and its impact on student learning. 

Cortlyn Young, a history major who completed a spring 2014 internship in a psychology classroom at Hoggard High School with partnership teacher Katie Snyder, chose to examine the effects of flipping her classroom.

Although flipping did not have a significant impact on quiz scores and students expressed a preference for face-to-face instruction, Young found it encouraged more in-depth thinking about the subject matter and is an effective way to help students prepare for college. In a report submitted to Watson College Professor Robert Smith, Young wrote that she plans to incorporate flipping into her work in future classrooms, beginning with honors classes.

Young’s full report titled, “Does Flipping the High School Psychology Classroom for the Direct Instruction Portion of the Lesson Produce Higher Quiz Scores Than Face-to-Face In-class Direct Instruction?” can be viewed at https://www.uncw.edu/ed/pdfs/news/FlipClassroom.pdf