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Legacy Artwork for Teaching Fellows is Unveiled

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A beautiful three-dimension sculptur, designed and executed by UNCW art students was commissioned by the UNCW Teaching Fellows program to commemorate phase out of Teaching Fellows

Current students and alumni from UNCW’s Teaching Fellows program commissioned a piece of artwork to commemorate the program. The program will phase out next year.

A beautiful three-dimension sculpture, designed and executed by UNCW art students K.C. Allison and Sarah Horak, was unveiled at a reception at the Watson College on April 10. The artists used basic tools including pencils, erasers, rulers and books to depict the knowledge and creativity teachers bring to the profession. A book, designed by Kristine Glick, provides a history of the program and includes the names of each of the 597 students who participated in the program at the Watson College since its inception.

UNCW’s Teaching Fellows program Described as the most effective teacher recruitment program in the nation, Teaching Fellows awarded scholarships each year to 500 incoming freshmen at 17 campuses throughout the state. While in college, students participated in academically and culturally enriched teacher preparation programs designed to instill a sense of mission, service and professionalism. In return, Teaching Fellows agreed to teach at least four years in North Carolina public schools. The first Teaching Fellows cohort began at UNCW in 1987. The last cohort will graduate in 2015.

The beautiful artwork is displayed in the Watson College Alumni Lounge, located off the atrium on the first floor of the Education Building.