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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Luncheon With Retired Faculty

On April 25, 15 retired Watson College faculty members joined Dean Kenneth Teitelbaum, WCE A-Team members Tracy Hargrove, Vance Durrington, Carol McNulty and Ann Potts and numerous faculty members for a semi-annual luncheon at the college. Susan Catapano and Dennis Kubasko, along with students Emma Mounsey and Alexis Gibson, joined the meeting via Skype to share information from their field experience in Belize.

Luncheon With Retired Faculty

(L-R) Tracy Hargrove, Susan Finley, Jan Siko, Kenneth Teitelbaum, Cathy Barlow, Hathia Hayes, Jim Applefield, Robert Smith, Noel Jones,  Ann Crawford,  Mahnaz Moallem, Sandra Harkin, Calvin Doss, Carol Chase Thomas, Vance Durrington, Andy Hayes, Nancy Jones, Brad Walker, Eleanor Wright; (Seated) Ruth Jones

Watson Student Leaders held a field day for Faculty, Staff and StudentsField Day for Faculty, Staff and Students

Watson Student Leaders held a field day on April 25. Faculty, staff and students gathered on the fields behind the Student Recreation Center on campus for a fun afternoon of sponge relays, water balloon tosses, potato sack races and more.

The Watson College of Education Alumni Chapter at their annual spring dinner at the Wise Alumni HouseWatson College Alumni Dinner

The Watson College of Education Alumni Chapter hosted their annual spring dinner on April 29 at the Wise Alumni House. Virginia Teachey, president of the WCE Alumni Chapter, and Dean Kenneth Teitelbaum greeted the group. Guest speaker Rodney Ellis, president of the North Carolina Association of Educators, spoke about prospective changes in North Carolina education. WCE students Maya Bassett, Stephie McCumbee and Courtney Polland were announced as winners of the WCE Alumni Chapter 2014-15 scholarship awards.

UNCW Parents Council Meets at the Watson College

UNCW Parents Council Meets at the Watson College

The UNCW Parents Council held their spring meeting at the Watson College April 26. Dean Kenneth Teitelbaum, Vice Chancellor Eddie Stuart and Athletics Director Jimmy Bass were featured speakers at the event.