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WCE Meets with Brunswick County School Board and Superintendent of Schools

Friday, March 07, 2014

WCE, Brunswick County School Board, and Superintendent of Schools

The Watson College of Education hosted an informal meeting Feb. 20 with Brunswick County school officials to discuss the university’s partnership with the school district and surrounding counties. Dean Kenneth Teitelbaum, Professional Development System Director Donyell Roseboro and several faculty members welcomed John Thompson and Olaf Thorsen, members of the Brunswick County Board of Education;  Edward Pruden, Brunswick County Schools superintendent and Jessica Swencki and Vicky Snider, senior school administrators, to Watson College.

Leaders discussed teacher preparation programs, enrollment at Watson College, and current trends in education. The group also explored ways to work together to create opportunities for students. One possibility is to increase WCE field placements and internships in Brunswick County. Growth in online learning makes it possible for students to live in Brunswick, take courses online at WCE and complete field experiences close to home.

The group also discussed Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education. Brunswick County has had success with CTE and STEM programs at the early college high school and is looking for ways to build on the success. School leaders also considered partnering to provide internships at businesses for high school students enrolled in CTE in much the same way the Watson College provides internships at area schools for pre-service teachers enrolled in teacher preparation programs at the college.

February’s meeting was the first for the three groups.  It was part of an outreach effort coordinated by PDS Director Donyell Roseboro with the goal of growing PDS partnerships to include school board members as well superintendents, administrators and teachers in the region.