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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Travel abroad provides an enriching personal experience and helps teachers develop a global perspective and better understanding of other cultures, traits sought after by employers.

The Watson College offers faculty led international field experiences in a number of countries including Belize, Costa Rica, Japan, Kuwait, London and South Africa.  Participating students experience classrooms and service learning projects, and reflect on commonalities and differences as they look at education through the eyes of a different culture.

Students interested in international study can find more information on our website https://uncw.edu/ed/international/  For information about a specific country or program, please contact the Watson College Faculty Leader. 

Costa Rica Trip Summer 2013Costa Rica Trip – Summer 2013

This summer, fourteen students accompanied Dr. Debbie Powell to Costa Rica in the fourth annual “Walk in the Shoes of Your English Language Learner” program designed to help students gain a better understanding of diverse cultures and empathy for all English language learners.

Each participant lived with two different Spanish-speaking families during the three-week trip, experiencing both rural and city life. They visited or taught in four schools, worked on service-learning projects, and took 60 hours of Spanish to immerse these pre-service teachers in the culture and to experience similar frustrations their future students will experience.


Japan Trip Summer 2013Japan – Summer 2013

The Watson College of Education is part of a six university consortium dedicated to helping preservice and inservice teachers in the United States and Japan understand a different culture, reflect about teaching and learning, establish collaborative relationships and develop ways to help our children prepare to live in a global society.  The consortium, which promotes teacher exchanges and shared research, was started in 1999 with a grant from the US-Japan Foundation.

In June, Dr. Brad Walker, Dr. Cory Callahan and eight students traveled to Japan for a summer study abroad experience.  Over the course of two weeks they toured the country, learned about the Japanese culture, and visited schools to observe teaching and learn through interactions with Japanese educators and their students.