PIA Constitution



Monday, September 21, 2015


D. Sheridan

2015 was an eventful year for our department. We lost some valued faculty, and we also gained some new and vibrant faculty. We have embarked on new programs such as our Master’s degree in Marine Coastal and Ocean Policy and our Minors in Campaign Management, Nonprofit Leadership and Management, and Security Studies.  Jeff Brudney is leading an effort to fuse student learning with outreach to the nonprofit community in an innovative class called the Nonprofit Leadership Experience.  Jeff was also awarded the ARNOVA Distinguished Achievement Award. Thomas Barth has reassumed his role as MPA director. Jessica Weinkle has assumed her new role as graduate coordinator of the MCOP Program as of July 2015.  We welcomed Kirsten Kinzer who has just joined our faculty in the MPA Program fall 2015.  Congratulations to Dan Masters for being awarded The Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award and for becoming the new chair of osur department as of July 2015.  These are just some highlights of the things going on in our department. So, take a look at our newsletter and get a more in-depth view of the exciting things we are doing.

Earl Sheridan, Ph.D.

Professor and former Chair.

Dr. Masters

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new Department of Public and International Affairs (PIA) newsletter. We have recast it as the PIA Constitution. We hope you enjoy the new format.

The past year and a half has been a period of creative transformation in PIA. Many of the transformations you will read about throughout the newsletter. Let me take a moment to highlight a few. This Summer and Fall we welcomed several new faces to the PIA family. Kirsten Kinzer has joined our faculty to take up the role in Urban and Regional Planning in the MPA program. Welcome to our confines Kirsten, I am positive you will succeed and be an asset to us for some time. In addition to Kirsten, we have also had a PIA mini baby-boom. At this time we welcome (in order of appearance) Thaddeus Burnett, Cooper Prentice, and Clare King. In advance of August, I would also like to extend a warm welcome to James (Ben) Taylor who will join our faculty to teach courses in American Government and Political Behavior. We are in the process of hiring two additional faculty members, a new Assistant Professor in International Relations and Conflict Management and Resolution, and a lecturer in Political Science. Also, we are in the process of bringing in an additional Administrative Associate. By the time Fall 2016 arrives PIA will have a number of new faces. Be sure to check out our website to see the changes.

Just as faces come into the picture some leave. We are very sad to report that Milan Dluhy, former Department Chair and professor of public administration passed away in November 2015. Milan had recently entered full retirement but stayed on board to teach our students part time. Always dedicated to his students. Earl Sheridan, who served in our department for over 30 years, as Chair on two separate occasions, entered phased retirement this year. We wish him the best as he transitions into his post-professorial life. Angela Douglas, who for several years served as our MPA coordinator and lecturer in Political Science, has departed UNCW and is now serving on the city council for the City of Chester in South Carolina. Finally, Craig Burnett departed mid-year to take up a post as an assistant professor of Political Science at Hofstra University. We wish Craig, Jackie, and Thad the best.

We have launched new programs in our Department. This year the new Nonprofit Leadership and Management Minor, and Security Studies Minor have come online and students are declaring these minors. You can read about those below. Our joint Campaign Management Minor (with Comm Studies) will get going through its first full election cycle.

Other important news from the Department include Stephen Meinhold assuming the position as the Faculty Senate President at UNCW. We wish him the best as he represents the interests of the faculty to the new administration at University. Also, this is belated news, Jennifer Horan assumed the role as the Assistant Director of the Honor’s College at UNCW. Finally, I have assumed the role as Chair of the Department of Public and International Affairs.   

As you read through the PIA Constitution you will see a number of important accomplishments from QENO’s expanding footprint in the Cape Fear Region, to a tremendous volume of scholarly output, and recognition of our most accomplished faculty. Take the time to catch up with your Department, and consider the best way in which you can support our success. As we grow and develop, you do as well.

All the best,

Daniel Masters, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair.