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Bill Bolduc: Making the World a Smaller Place

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

By Austin Todd

In March of 2014, Communications Studies Professor Bill Bolduc led a group of three, including himself, on a one-week trip to Swansea, Wales.  Communication Studies majors, Zach Pomeroy and Connor Buss, went alongside Professor Bolduc to aid him in this promotional project. 

Bill Bolduc is a man that loves to travel.  He grew up in a family that really appreciated and encouraged international travel and intercultural experiences.  When Bolduc was a child, he even lived in Spain for three years.  “Once I got a taste of it (travelling), I really have been trying to work to do that more often.  I think it’s a fantastic experience.  It makes the world a smaller place” the professor said.  When asked about his main goals for the trip to Swansea, Professor Bolduc replied, “Shoot a promotional video for the exchange program in Swansea and to have a major international and intercultural experience.”  Bolduc said that he and his team definitely could have done the project here to promote the Swansea exchange program, but that just wouldn’t cut it.  He and his team really wanted to go on the adventure themselves and truly experience it all in person.  According to Bolduc, a major international and intercultural experience is exactly what he got.  “After meeting with, talking with, breaking bread with, and doing life with these people from other cultures, you realize they are generally a lot like us,” he explained.

Bolduc also mentioned that if he ever has the opportunity to travel internationally with a group of students, he would love to be a conduit for such an experience. When travelling the world, one really gets to experience numerous cultures and encounter many things that he or she may have never had the chance to encounter wherever they may have spent most of their lives.  Bolduc said, “After meeting with, talking with, breaking bread with, and doing life with these people from other cultures, you realize they are generally a lot like us.”

People often go on trips with a major or primary goal in mind.  What tends to happen on these trips is that those people come back having gained something quite unexpected.  Bolduc said that while there really were no surprises on the trip to Swansea, the depth of the trip is what struck him personally. Talking about how he and his team went to church on the first Sunday they were there, they met a couple who had them over for dinner, and just prior to our interview he sent an email to the family to catch up with how they’re doing. 

Knowing that Bolduc loved to travel and wanted to travel more, I asked him where he would want to go if he got another opportunity to lead a trip like this. While his most recent trip to Belize over spring break ranked high and Spain or Australia would be an opportunity of a lifetime, Bolduc also expressed his love for the United Kingdom. “I would love to do a whole UK trip. I love the UK. I’d love to go to Scotland or Ireland or both and try to find something to do a project on there.” 

Check out the final project from the trip, Iechyd Da! The UNCW Swansea Experience, and more COM video productions at 

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