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TealTV Becoming More Than Just an Organization

Friday, June 13, 2014

By: Colton West

TealTV is UNCW's student television station. It was created and is run entirely by students of UNCW. TealTV covers sports, news, and entertainment for all of UNCW. The organization provides hands on experience for students in on-air anchoring, video editing, writing, and filming.

TealTV consists of about 63 active members, up from 15-20 members last year. The mission statement for TealTV is: "We the members of TealTV seek to provide UNCW Students and the community with exceptional television broadcasting in a creative and professional manner. We will work as one with other entities of Student Media and campus organizations to support the growth of campus pride, moral and social relations. This is created for the students by the students." TealTV helps students get experience to increase their chances of employment after graduation.

Mary Schweers, TealTV president-Spring 2014, was in charge of managing the quality of the organization by setting goals with the executive team, enhancing the membership experience, and making the organization better known throughout the community.

The goals of TealTV, according to Schweers, are "to provide programming for students in order to increase school spirit, morale on campus, and learning experiences for those involved in our organization."

Advisor Bill DiNome has been working with TealTV as an advisor since 1998 before the organization was called TealTV. According to, it was originally called SBTV.

DiNome says, "I advise, provide business management, train, process payroll and expenditures, listen and sometimes mediate." DiNome also helps with ordering and shipping parts, accounting and workshops.

TealTV has accomplished a lot over the years. TealTV has made a sitcom, news, and sports programs. They have extended memberships, increased credibility, and become more professional over the years. Adding an application process has helped them become even more professional.

Schweers says, "Everything has grown exponentially in the past two years."

TealTV also teaches students to be more responsible. Reporter Nolan Hardy says, "In just the three weeks that I have been with TealTV I am learning organization, preparing material, teamwork, and one-on-one conversation."

TealTV has made several segments around UNCW since its conception. It now has segments called "Seahawk Central News,", "Seahawk Central Sports," "The Seahawk Scoop," and "So Squawking Broke"

Seahawk Central News covers the news area of the organization. They report on news that is happening on UNCW's campus, politics, or events taking place.

Seahawk Central Sports covers all of the UNCW sports. It also covers any news pertaining to sports. Whether it is a new coach coming or an old coach going, athletic achievements, budgets, or anything in between Seahawk Central Sports will cover it.

The Seahawk Scoop broadcasts about what is happening in the entertainment world. They will cover topics such as, what celebrities have been doing, what movies may be coming out, and so on.

Lastly, So Squawking Broke gives students advice and suggestions on how to budget money while in college. It will give viewers insights on how to make something cheap into something worth buying.

In the future TealTV would like to be a better known station of UNCW news, increase credibility, and help students find their professions after college.