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Professor Trimble's Showcase

Friday, June 13, 2014

By: Thomas Grainger

Professor Trimble has been a Communication Studies professor here at UNCW for over a decade. Professor Trimble has always had a strong passion for theatre and the arts throughout his life and has carried it over into his teaching career.

On March 28, Professor Trimble and his COM 415 students put together a showcase for the Communication Studies Department. This showcase gave COM students that are enrolled in COM 415, Performance Practicum, a chance to really demonstrate their creativity. Students worked individually as well as in groups to create their entertainment for the showcase. Some included using a speech or scene from a play or movie, otherwise known as a "monologue," and accompanying song from an existing script. Other students paired two items from two different sources or wrote an original monologue/scene or composing a song. As such, all students served as producers, artistic directors, performers, authors and publicists. Many of the students that were involved in the showcase have ambitions of working in public relations as well as in marketing positions. Professor Trimble's showcase gave these students a taste of what is to come in their future.

Communication Studies and Theatre are two disciplines that constantly share similarities. Both majors are grounded in rhetoric as well as in storytelling. Today we can say that for both disciplines, "Performance Studies" is the underlying similarity. Some COM courses that Professor Trimble has the opportunity of teaching are closely related to the discipline of Theatre. These courses include On-Camera Performance, Performance of Literature and Performance Practicum.

Communication Studies students interested in jobs that are related to theatre have an abundance of options to look into. Professor Trimble provided some excellent insight, saying, "Any professional position that involves creation and analysis of text and public presentation (stage or screen) is viable for those who pursue Communication Studies and Theatre. Whatever the case, at the core is rhetoric and utilizing the tools at our disposal to engage and influence an audience." Suffice it to say that there really are a variety of options for Communication Studies majors in search of theatrical positions.

Professor Trimble takes a great deal of pride in teaching his classes. His positive attitude definitely carries over into his creativity when writing scripts and shows. When I asked him what it was like to write a script and then see it come to life, Professor Trimble responded, "Moving from page to stage or screen is exhilarating, while witnessing the final product is a rush, the rehearsal process often brings even greater satisfaction." Professor Trimble and his COM 415 students put a lot of work into this showcase and it definitely paid off in the end. Who knows what Professor Trimble has in store for next year?