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It's Beau Time: Making Wilmington North Carolina's Music Capital

Friday, June 13, 2014

By: Danielle Salas

Not many people can say that they truly love their job as much as General Manager Beau Gunn of 98.3 The Penguin. He rose to radio royalty after interning with WUNI in the fall of 2004 while attending UNCW as a Communication Studies Major (class of 2005). While still in school, Beau found his way into becoming the program director for The Penguin as well as the General Manager and Co-founder of Hometown Wilmington Media, which is a website that provides local news and information at the click of a mouse. Hometown Wilmington Media's goal is to "re-establish a sense of community through trustworthy information and compelling entertainment for our audience." Beau wanted to find a way to get information to the community in a way that makes it seem like everyone is connected.

After graduation, Beau seemed to find ways of incorporating his passion for music into his every day work while still finding time to run his radio program. As Hometown Wilmington Media took off, Beau seemed to have an itch for yet another project and in 2008 he decided to start his own concert production company called "Beau Gunn Presents," which now produces around 80% of the concerts held in the local Wilmington area. This company is designed to team up with 98.3 The Penguin and put on concerts at various locations, such as Greenfield Lake Park or the Brooklyn Arts Center located in downtown Wilmington. Beau says, "The Penguin itself is an important brand, and everything I do has that brand attached to it." As his business ventures flourish, one can be sure that The Penguin will be the main brand behind it all.

Throughout his busy schedule, Beau has found a way to still incorporate fun into each and every day. When asked what Beau does for fun he simply laughed and said, "being on the radio is what I like to do to relax. I also love going to see live music." Beau was able to take what he is truly passionate about and apply it to not only his relaxation time, but also his career.

It seemed that one project is never enough, as this past fall, Beau was named the new president of "Chords for a Cause," which is a concert that helps raise money for emergency pediatric care. After an interview with Beau, he says, "It's a real accomplishment to be named president for this organization." This upcoming fall will be Beau's first event as president and the anticipation will only increase as the day comes closer.

Not everyone can say they love what they do, but for Beau Gunn, it's just another day in the office. As long as there is music to be made, one can be sure that Beau will be around, finding a way to show it to the beautiful city of Wilmington.