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Fostering Student Video Productions Through Communication Studies

Friday, February 21, 2014

By: Laura Colby

Not everyone is aware that the Department of Communication Studies (COM) includes an element of video production. Located on the UNCW Communication Studies website is a webpage dedicated directly to COM/media. COM/media is the brand name of the media production sub-discipline within COM. The webpage is the perfect tool to show people interested in COM or video production what the COM department is capable of instilling in their students. COM/media is largely connected with Dr. Bill Bolduc, a faculty member since 1994, focused in field video production. "We are trying to put the brand out there in a positive way," says Bolduc.

The COM/media webpage on the Communication Studies website shows the incredible skills that the department has created though examples of student videos. The opening page on the site features a video of all that the COM/media department has to offer. It includes clips of student video projects and lays out several video styles that they teach such as PSAs, documentaries, and news, just to name a few.

Catherine Echols, a Communication Studies student, created one of the videos on the page titled, "Coastal Therapeutic Riding Program." Her process and inspiration behind creating videos in the Communication Studies department was something she always wanted to be a part of.

"I had to prepare interviews, be sure I had all necessary equipment, and meet class deadlines for project advancement. I also got experience with editing software and field video equipment," she said. The COM department focuses on preparing their students for the world that lies ahead.

The website was able to show her talents and learned abilities from the Communication Studies video department. Dr. Bolduc says that in the past, he has had students "interpreting a photograph or painting into their videos." This is the artistic assignment for the semester in his Field Video Production Class. According to Bolduc, "Our goal is to teach them the entire process of planning, writing, shooting, and editing the project. Our projects in COM Studies tend to be client based. Typically non-profit or a community group, we want to teach them client centered, documentaries, and news videos. We want them to have the skills to succeed." This is the purpose of the website, it showcases what the students in the Communication Studies department are capable of, and the skill set that got them to that point.

Coastal Therapeutic Riding Program from UNCW Communication Studies on Vimeo.