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Dr. Weber to Lead Study Abroad in Wales, Spring 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014

By Stephanie Perry

The University of Swansea is located in Swansea, Wales. Situated just west of England with 750 miles of coastline, Wales, U.K. is known for having the cleanest and safest beaches in the world. Dr. Weber, a professor in the Department of Communication Studies, will be representing UNCW with a group of two dozen students at Swansea University in Spring 2014. This study abroad opportunity allows students to enroll in courses that align with their major for a full semester while receiving college credit, and if they choose, participate in a two-week internship. In addition to serving as a mentor for the UNCW students in Swansea for the semester, Dr. Weber will teach "home students" (i.e., Swansea University students from the U.K.) a course about the U.S.A.'s involvement in World War II. Also, for any UNCW student who wishes to earn Honors credit, Dr. Weber will also teach an Honors course on the rhetoric of public commemorations.

This study abroad is open to all majors and students can choose from a variety of programs including marketing, media and communication studies, international relations, criminology, marine biology, language and communication, history, English literature and political communication. Students who chose to participate in the two-week internship will be able to obtain work experience in an area of their choosing while receiving college credit.

Dr. Weber's goal is to enable the study-abroad students to become culturally well-rounded. He states, "Studying abroad will give students the global mindset that will help them to stand out in contrast to the countless U.S. American students who have virtually no international experience." Dr. Weber got to know many of the study-abroad students before the semester in Swansea began, and believes they will be enthusiastic and adventurous. He and the students all are looking forward to various cultural, social and educational experiences they will have. During their time in Swansea, Dr. Weber will be leading group excursions to various destinations within a few hours of Swansea. These trips will increase community within their group and be a way to further immerse themselves in various cultural settings in the U.K.

Throughout the semester Dr. Weber will be working with program participants Tiffany Wang and Kristen Maiden to curate social media platforms -- primarily Facebook and Tumblr -- that will enable the UNCW students to stay in touch with one another, and with friends and family back home. In the words of Dr. Weber, "Southeast North Carolina is a tiny little speck on the globe, and in order to expand your horizons and be a player in a competitive marketplace it is imperative to have this type of experience."

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