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Alumni Profile: Trey Morehouse '12

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mouths of Babes

Written by/photo by Melissa Trainer '18

Society does not always value the thoughts and feelings of young people enough, but according to Trey Morehouse '12, if people were to listen to them, “you can often find really great nuggets of wisdom and emotional depth.” It is this idea that is the driving factor in creating shows for his theatre company, Mouths of Babes, which focuses on highlighting social justice issues for young adults.

Morehouse graduated from UNCW with a double major in theatre and English. During his time at the university, he focused on his passion for theatre and was able to act, stage-manage and direct. In his senior year, Morehouse was president of the on-campus theatre group STAGE Company, which he says helped him “prepare for running Mouths of Babes.

Mouths of Babes is a project created in 2014 by Morehouse while working in Raleigh with the North Carolina Theatre and Burning Coal Theatre Company. He decided to move the project back to Wilmington because this is where his alma mater is and he has a close relationship with the university. 

Morehouse formed his theatre company in 2014 when he debuted “The Diary Plays” and performed it at the Cucalorus Festival in Wilmington. For Morehouse, this show has been his most rewarding one yet. According to Morehouse, “It’s a collection of teen diaries that we created and devised into a play. When I was making it, everyone thought it was crazy, but I kept going forward with it and it turned into a product that a lot of people enjoyed and thought was very meaningful.” Morehouse interviewed young teens for the play and used their thoughts and experiences to create something unique and important.

Meaningfulness seems to be the main theme surrounding Morehouse’s productions. He focuses his shows on tough subjects, but according to him, “That’s part of the point. These shows sort of get the conversation started.” For instance, one of Morehouse’s most recent shows, “Out NC,” is a documentary play about coming out as a gay teen in the south. Morehouse and his company conducted interviews around Wilmington for the show and plan on premiering it to the public soon.

The main goal for Morehouse and his theatre company is to initiate conversations between youth and adults that are often difficult. Morehouse said, “That’s sort of my philosophy or interest in art. I enjoy creating things that have meaningful content.”

As for the future, Morehouse said the main goal for him was to keep creating these original works and getting them showcased to a wider audience. “I have a few shows that are in progress at the moment. It’s a passion for me. I love creating new, original plays for teens and young adult audiences. That’s what I want this whole idea to be about,” he says.

Needless to say, Morehouse has opened a new door in the theatre community that will generate meaningful conversations in Wilmington.