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New System Provides Roadmap of College Credit for Military Experience

Military service members can now see how on-the-job experience translates to earned college credit within the University of North Carolina System. 

The UNC Military Equivalency System contains thousands of equivalencies between military occupations and training and academic courses at the 16 universities in the UNC System. Before applying for admission, prospective students can use the resource to determine how experience from their Joint Services Transcript (JST) equates to specific courses at the state’s public universities. This is particularly good news in North Carolina, where the UNC System serves a growing number of military-affiliated students – more than 21,000 last fall, or about 9% of the student population. 

“This new system provides a unique capability that connects the military education, training and experience a military member or veteran brings to the table to actual college credits,” said Bill Kawczynski, UNCW Office of Military Affairs director. “These credits will give them a head start in achieving their overall education and career goals in a timely manner; a win-win for all.” 

Until now, prospective military students have faced a lengthy decision process, having to contact a university’s registrar, admissions office or sometimes faculty or academic program directors directly to inquire about what credits they could receive for their military experience. The process has proven confusing and overwhelming for service members and universities alike. 

The Military Equivalency System now provides a transparent and streamlined way for students and institutions to review the JST at any time before or during enrollment. The resource also empowers service members to evaluate their best options across the UNC System for pursuing an education and allows for better movement of credit among UNC campuses. 

For more information, visit the UNC System website.