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UNCW Monitoring Forecast for Severe Weather

UNCW Alert
UNCW Alert

The National Weather Service is forecasting severe weather on Tuesday afternoon and evening along the coast of southeastern North Carolina that includes the potential for tornadoes. High wind gusts could reach 40-50 mph, causing poor driving conditions and possible power outages. 

As a reminder, if the campus siren sounds, the UNCW Alert system will be activated advising everyone to seek shelter. When seeking shelter, put as many walls between yourself and outside as possible, staying away from windows, and choosing rooms/hallways that do not have large open-span roofs. Additional tornado safety information is available from the National Weather Service website.  

Be Safe, Stay Informed   

When driving on affected roads during this weather event, please stay alert; avoid cell phone use; leave early to allow for additional travel time; reduce speed; increase following distance; and be patient. As conditions may vary across the region and no one weather bulletin will apply to everyone, please remember that each of us is responsible for our own decisions, actions and safety. 

Students, faculty and staff should continue to monitor their campus email inboxes for updates, messages with a reference to the weather in the subject line merit careful review. Updates will be posted as conditions warrant to the UNCW homepageFacebook and Twitter accounts. These channels contain the latest information available to university officials. The Emergency Information Hotline can be reached by calling 910.962.3991 or 888.657.5751.

While significant weather impacts are not expected, employees should refer to the Adverse Weather Policy and make the best decision for their circumstances and notify their supervisors accordingly. 

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