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UNCW Grad Works on Star Wars TV Show

Cameron Detig ’21 works on the Disney+  show,  "Ahsoka."
Cameron Detig ’21 works on the Disney+ show, "Ahsoka."
Courtesy: Cameron Detig ’21

Cameron Detig ’21 had long known he wanted a job in the film industry, but it wasn’t until he saw behind-the-scenes footage of the Disney+ show “The Mandalorian” that he pinpointed his goal. He now works in what’s known as “previs” for another Star Wars show, “Ahsoka.”

The “Mandalorian” footage was from a visualization studio named The Third Floor. The company works on shows and movies from studios such as Marvel, Lucasfilm and Netflix.

“Essentially, they make 3D animated versions of shows to plan everything out before filming,” Detig explained. And now he does it with them.

Detig said he usually gets a handful of scenes to work on for each “Ahsoka” episode, adding motion capture that had been shot, tweaking the performance and animating cameras.

“The most challenging part was keeping it a secret for two years,” he said, while they waited for the show to be released.

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