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Planned Controlled Burn: Ev-Henwood Preserve

The University of North Carolina Wilmington plans to conduct a small, controlled burn on approximately 10 acres in our Ev-Henwood Preserve in Brunswick County. It is located at 6150 Rock Creek Road. The controlled burn may take place within the next two weeks.  
The two-week window for execution is necessary to provide as much flexibility as possible as we must have optimal conditions for the burn. Optimal conditions will ensure a safer burn with less smoke in the surrounding areas. The burn will last for only part of one day. When we get word of the exact date, we will broadcast a notification to that effect through public announcements on the day prior to the burn. 

The burn will be of low intensity and only in the fields of the Preserve, not in the forest. All safety measures will be observed with county fire officials notified. We will only burn under approved conditions. 

A controlled burn is designed to decrease the chances of a more intense and hazardous wildfire by reducing the fuel load (leaf and grass litter) in the fields. The controlled burn is also necessary for the health of our longleaf pines that we have been planting at Ev-Henwood that now number over 800 on four acres. We plan to continue planting several hundred more; removal of the thick grasses will allow for the new seedlings to thrive. The burn will also maintain the old field conditions that are part of the varied ecosystems in the Preserve that lead to a larger biodiversity of plants and animals. 

For questions or further information: 
UNCW Environmental Health and Safety – 910.962.3057 
UNCW Project Management – 910.215.1167