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Message from Chancellor Volety: Important Updates Related to Title IX

(Title IX information similar to that below also was shared with UNCW students.)

Dear Faculty and Staff:

As the 2023-24 academic year begins, I would like to bring to your attention the mandatory reporter requirements for all university employees, related to Title IX.

All university employees are encouraged to refer any students who wish to receive an accommodation for pregnancy, parenting, or a related condition via the Pregnant and Parenting Student Resource Referral Form, calling 910.962.3557, or emailing

The university’s Title IX policy regarding pregnant and parenting students will be released in Fall 2023 to coincide with the release of the U.S. Department of Education’s new regulations regarding Title IX and pregnant and parenting students. Resources for faculty, staff and students regarding pregnancy, parenting, or related conditions are available on the university’s Title IX website. For any staff or faculty who would like to receive further advice or training on UNCW’s policies for pregnant or parenting students, please email

UNCW has been and remains committed to providing programs, activities, and an educational environment free from sex discrimination, and expects all members of its community to act in a respectful, responsible and civil manner towards one other. Furthermore, acts of gender-based discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct, including dating violence, domestic violence and stalking, will not be tolerated at UNCW.

UNCW has three policies that detail the rights of employees and students, available resources, potential remedies, and the campus conduct systems that address these serious offenses. Allegations of misconduct on the part of an enrolled student are addressed by the university’s Student Gender-Based/Sexual Misconduct Policy or Title IX Grievance Policy. Allegations of sexual misconduct against faculty or staff are addressed by the Title IXGrievance Policy or the Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Please note that all university employees who receive a report of alleged sexual misconduct by a student, on- or off-campus, must notify the Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance within one (1) business day. If a student, faculty member, or staff member reports experiencing sexual misconduct, you must report it. Also, if someone tells you about another individual experiencing sexual misconduct, you also must report it. The Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form is available on the Title IX website. The university requires this reporting, not with a punitive goal, but to ensure the safety of its students and to enable affected students to receive the support and measures that they may need.

Reports of student sexual misconduct, harassment, or pregnant students not submitted through the online form should be made to the Director of Title IX and Clery Compliance: 

1003 DePaolo Hall  

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator is: 

Leigh Fickling, J.D., M.Ed. M.S.
Consultant Director, Disability Resource Center
Campus Box 5492
DePaolo Hall 1043

Three departments are confidential resources to students: CARE, the Counseling Center and the Abrons Student Health Center. CARE offers confidential services to all faculty and staff, as well. These three departments are exempt from reporting sexual misconduct unless the student consents. Similarly, CARE is exempt from reporting sexual misconduct involving an employee as a victim unless the employee consents. The three departments may be required to report information for Clery Act purposes, but those reports will not contain personally identifiable information. 

Comprehensive resources for faculty, staff and students about interpersonal violence, harassment and gender and sex discrimination are available on the university’s Title IX website.

Finally, as another component of UNCW’s continuous commitment to enhancing campus safety, the UNCW Police Department has a partnership with LiveSafe and recommends all faculty and staff download and use the free safety app. LiveSafe, a mobile-friendly security app, provides convenient access to several safety features. Please visit the  LiveSafe webpage to download the app if you haven’t already and to access FAQs.   

I encourage you to review these policies and to become familiar with our institutional resources. Questions about the policies can be addressed to the Office of Title IX and Clery Compliance. Resources for faculty, staff and students are available via the Office of Title IX and Clery Compliance as well as UNCW CARE.

Thank you for your attention to these important safety matters. 


Aswani K. Volety