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UNCWAlert System Test Sept. 7

The UNCW Office of Environmental Health and Safety, UNCW Police Department and the Office of University Relations routinely test the UNCWAlert system to familiarize the campus community with emergency notification procedures as well as for system maintenance. 

The quarterly full-volume UNCWAlert system test (which includes the outdoor siren system) will take place at noon on Sept. 7. This is only a test. No action from the campus or community is needed.  

UNCWAlert emergency notification system communication tools include:   
  • Warning Siren System 
  • UNCW homepage and social media channels   
  • Campus emails   
  • UNCWAlert text messages and calls   
  • Pop-up notifications on university-owned computers  
All students, faculty and staff will receive text alerts and telephone messages. Members of the community, including parents and families, who have registered for emergency text alerts will also receive the test messages. Community members who have not yet registered for alerts can do so via our community emergency communications webpage.   

Student Notifications   
Student phone numbers are automatically registered to receive UNCWAlert emergency notifications through voice and text messages. Students should log in to SeaNet to review or update their contact numbers. UNCW strongly encourages students to verify contact information is up to date to ensure they are always automatically contacted in the event of an emergency.  

Faculty and Staff Notifications   
University employees receive UNCWAlert emergency notifications via voice calls and text messages. Emergency contact information is confidential and used only for emergency notification and periodic system testing. In an actual emergency, messages may be received at any time of day or night. Standard text messaging fees may apply, but there are no additional charges from the university.  

To ensure you are receiving UNCWAlert messages:  
  • Go to mySeaport > Employee Essentials > SeaNet.     
  • Under the “Personal Information” tab, there is an option to “View Address(es) and Phone(s)”.   
  • To provide or update a phone number do so under the “Update Address(es) and Phone(s)” option.    
Additional resources: