UNCW Graduate Student Receives WRRI Fellowship to Support Study of Ghost Forests

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

UNCW graduate student Kendra Devereux has been curious about the natural world her entire life, leading to her interest in science—specifically, climate change and its impact on our world and how we can protect it. Devereux was recently awarded a prestigious $10,000 NC Water Resources Research Institute fellowship to support her research of ghost forests.

As Devereux learned more about how climate change and sea level rise cause ghost forest formation, she became motivated to study them and their effects on coastal ecology.

“Coastal forests provide a critical habitat for many species and also help protect people living near the coast,”  Devereux said. Understanding how these forests respond to sea level rise is important for coastal communities and people living near areas that flood. It is this importance to both the natural and human environments that motivates Devereux to study how forested wetlands become ghost forests. 

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