UNCW Board of Trustees to Consider FY2024 Tuition and Fee Proposal

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Updated December 16, 2022
On Dec. 16, the UNCW Board of Trustees unanimously approved the proposed changes to student charges for Fiscal Year 2024.

The UNCW Board of Trustees will discuss proposed tuition and fee increases for fiscal year 2024 at its upcoming meeting on Dec. 16. 

Pending Board approval, the proposed plan would not increase tuition for in-state undergraduate students. Tuition would increase by 5.5% for out-of-state undergraduate students and both resident and non-resident graduate students. 

Mandatory fees (which apply to all main campus students) will be adjusted to account for inflationary pressures impacting the campus life department, the student health center and the athletic department. Room and board rates will also be adjusted to address inflationary pressures impacting university operations costs. 

“It is our intention to take a measured approach with respect to tuition and fee increases at UNCW. Accordingly, the proposed increases will help us to offset rising operating costs associated with inflation, while also remaining competitively priced relative to our institutional peers,” said Miles Lackey, vice chancellor for business affairs. 

Of the 20 institutions identified as UNCW’s top competitors for out-of-state students, 19 have higher tuition prices. 

According to the proposal, the tuition increases will provide education-related support for a growing graduate teaching assistant population, need-based aid, merit-based scholarships, supplemental funds for existing faculty and staff retention fund, library resources and additional counselors. 

The complete presentation can be found on the UNCW Board of Trustees website. 

-- Krissy Vick