Psychology Professor Kate Nooner Receives NIH Grant to Study Binge Drinking in Teens

Monday, November 28, 2022

Dr. Kate Nooner, chair and professor in the UNCW Department of Psychology, has been awarded a $379,503 grant from the National Institutes of Health – National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to study adolescent binge drinking.

The project, “Biomarkers of Binge Drinking in Maltreated Adolescents,” will examine resilience to teenage binge drinking following childhood stress and adversity. The study will highlight how adolescents utilize their strengths and limited resources to navigate problems, such as binge drinking, a common maladaptive coping mechanism in adolescence.

This funding will allow Dr. Nooner and the students in her lab to build upon prior successes in her neuroimaging and binge drinking research with a diverse adolescent sample from the community. The study will engage underrepresented teens from the Wilmington area. UNCW students will be active in all aspects of this brain-based binge drinking prevention research.

This project is central to promoting access, equity, and inclusion in alcohol use disorder prevention for adolescents in Wilmington and beyond.

-- G. Guthrie