Impact Like No Other: UNCW Celebrates Its Research Leaders

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The achievements, scholarly productivity and creative works of UNCW’s research leaders were formally applauded at the 15th annual research celebration on Sept. 20. The event honored those who have participated in extramurally sponsored research in the form of proposals or awards within the preceding academic year.  

“Congratulations to all of the UNCW researchers whose work contributed to the growing success and impact of the institution’s research and creative activities last year,” said Stuart R. Borrett, Associate Provost for Research and Innovation and Professor in the Department of Biology and Marine Biology. “While there are many success metrics for this work, I want to highlight and thank the more than 300 faculty, staff and students who served as investigators on proposals submitted or awards received from external sponsors last year. These funds provide important fuel to translate questions and ideas into positive outcomes.” 

The honorees are: 
The James F. Merritt Million Dollar Club is a university honor and recognition for faculty and staff who have received $1 million or more in external research funding.  

$1M Dollar Club  
Jennifer Fernandez-Villa  
Nathaniel Grove  
Susanna López-Legentil  
Narcisa Pricope  
Wendy Strangman 
Ashley Wells  

$5M Dollar Club  
Ami Wilbur  

The Research Achievement Awards recognize faculty for their excellence in research, innovation and scholarship leading to the advancement of knowledge in their own disciplines, discoveries with significant impact on society and the engagement of students in the process.  

Rising Research Excellence Award  
April Braswell  
Xaver Neumeyer  
Richard Pond  
Michael Tift  
Rachael Urbanek  

Research Collaboration Award  
Kristen DeVall  
Christina Lanier  
Sally MacKain  
Jeanne Persuit  
Ronald Vetter  

Research Administration Outstanding Campus Partner Award  
College of Health and Human Services Research Administration Team  

Most Journal Publications  
Cameron School of Business 
Gaurav Gupta  
Jessica Magnus  
Xaver Neumeyer  

College of Arts and Sciences 
Len Lecci 
Kate Nooner  
Blake Ushijima  
College of Health and Human Services 
YeounSoo Kim-Godwin   
Barbara Lutz  
William Opoku-Agyeman  
Jacqueline Vaughn  
Watson College of Education  
Sheri Conklin  
Jeremy Hilburn 
Yan Liu  

New Patent Recipients  
Lawrence Cahoon 
Mary Turbe  
Invention Disclosures   
Hosam Alamleh 
Phil Bresnahan 
Dale Cohen and Len Lecci  
Ryan Mieras 
Ying Wang   
Thomas Williamson and Jeremy Morgan  

A new faculty welcome event with a resource fair showcasing campus research support partners preceded the reception.  


-- Caroline Cropp