UNCW Student Body President Hannah Horowitz Named to Statewide Position

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Hannah Horowitz, UNCW’s student body president, has been named vice chair of the Council of Student Body Presidents, a committee within the Association of Student Governments. She is slated to serve through the 2022-23 academic year. 
The ASG represents the interests of students to the UNC Board of Governors and serves as a liaison between students, the state government and the president of the University of North Carolina System. 

“A lot of what we focus on is finding solutions,” Horowitz said, describing the association as a “collaborative environment” where members explore issues that affect students of the UNC System. She said she planned to use her new statewide role to highlight what UNCW brings to the table. 

“UNCW is an amazing institution that has so much to offer the system.”  

As an example, she said UNCW has been a leader in sustainability, and she wants to share those lessons with other delegates. She cited the Healthy Hawks program from Campus Recreation, the Counseling Center and the Student Health Center as other positive examples that can be elevated to the UNC System. “I hope that UNCW is able to finally say, ‘Here's what's working for us.’” 

This plays into Horowitz’s own focus on student wellness and its link to student retention. As a public health major, she said, “being in the healthcare field moving forward gives me a different perspective.” 

Three other delegates from UNCW serve with Horowitz at the ASG: UNCW Student Body Vice President Sadie Williams, Chief of Staff Whitley Lowe, and Maddie Miller, UNCW’s ASG liaison. 

The ASG meets monthly at different campuses, starting in September. Horowitz will share the meetings with McKenzy Heavlin of N.C. State University, the other council vice chair. The October meeting is scheduled to be held at UNCW. 

-- Stacie Greene Hidek 

Hannah Horowitz stands on Chancellor's Walk, smiling