UNCWAlert System Test Scheduled for Oct. 6

Monday, September 27, 2021

A test of the UNCWAlert system is scheduled to occur at 12 p.m. (noon) on Wednesday, Oct. 6. This is only a test of the UNCWAlert communication tools. NO action from the campus or community is needed. 

All students, faculty and staff will receive text alerts and telephone messages unless they have opted out. Members of the community who have registered for emergency text alerts will also receive the test messages. Community members who have not yet registered for alerts can do so via this website. 

UNCWAlert emergency notification system communication tools include: 

  • The UNCW Emergency Siren System (an audible message signals the start of the test and another signals the conclusion) 
  • Twitter 
  • Campus-wide emails 
  • UNCWAlert text messages and phone calls 
  • Pop-up notifications on university-owned computers 

The CREST campus is equipped with wall-mounted alert beacons, which activate during tests and emergencies. The university also utilizes its homepage and Facebook to share emergency information. 
EH&S, University Police and the Office of University Relations periodically test the UNCWAlert system to familiarize the campus community of notification outlets and for routine maintenance of system components. 
During an Actual Emergency 
Monitor UNCW communication tools for instructions and updates and wait for an all-clear notification. 
Student Notifications 
Student phone numbers are automatically registered to receive UNCWAlert emergency notifications through voice and text message. Students should follow these instructions to review or update their contact numbers. UNCW strongly encourages students to remain signed up for the service to ensure they are always automatically contacted in the event of an emergency. Individuals may opt out by following these instructions. 
Faculty and Staff Notifications 
University employees receive UNCWAlert emergency notifications via voice calls and text messages. Emergency contact information is confidential and used only for emergency notification and periodic system testing. In an actual emergency, messages may be received at any time of day or night. Standard text messaging fees may apply, but there are no additional charges from the university. Please see this document (PDF) to change contact numbers or to opt out of notifications. 
Additional resources: 
UNCW Emergency and Safety Information 
General Safety Tips from the University Police