UNCW Professor Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock Receives National Communication Association IDEA Engagement Award

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Julie-Ann Scott-Pollock, communication studies professor and director of performance studies, has been named the recipient of the inaugural IDEA Engagement Award from the National Communication Association. The award recognizes research, teaching and service that prioritizes inclusion, diversity, equity and access.

Scott-Pollock, a faculty member since 2010, directs the UNCW Storytellers, Hawk Tale Players and Just Us: Performance Troupe for Social Justice, an autobiographical, interactive, theatrical production through which students give voice to their experiences with social injustice.

“I am honored to be the inaugural NCA IDEA Engagement Award recipient,” said Scott-Pollock. “NCA is the largest organization in my discipline and the fact that my research agenda and the design of my local performance troupes to promote Inclusion, Diversity, Engagement and Access is valued by my national colleagues is so encouraging. I’m grateful that UNCW makes these high impact experiences with my students possible from my classroom to my collaborative research. I’m excited for the future.”

Scott-Pollock’s research explores personal narratives of embodiment and identity. The NCA commended her work for its service to voice, agency and justice and noted its implications for greater inclusion, diversity, equity, and access in the communication studies discipline.

“Dr. Scott-Pollock’s work in the classroom promotes the inclusion and celebration of children from different races, backgrounds, abilities, and gender identities; helps students tell stories that highlight the presence of racism, heterosexism, classism, and ableism in their own lives; and examines how performance can help marginalized societal members share their stories without taking on the social risks of telling their stories through their marginalized body,” stated the association.

In 2020, Scott-Pollock received the Lilla A. Heston Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Interpretation and Performance Studies from the National Communication Association in recognition of her outstanding published research and creative scholarship in interpretation and performance studies during the previous three-year period. She will be presented the IDEA Engagement Award on Nov. 20 at the 107th NCA Annual Convention in Seattle, Washington.

-- G. Guthrie