UNCW Receives $25,000 Teagle Foundation Grant

Monday, August 02, 2021

The University of North Carolina Wilmington has received a $25,000 grant from The Teagle Foundation to fund a project that explores the meaning and fragility of democracy.

The planning grant will involve students, faculty and staff from student affairs and academic affairs interested in developing a university-wide program to enhance civic education through the integration of coursework, applied learning, and community-engaged research and learning, said Jeanine Mingé, associate vice chancellor for community engagement. Provost James Winebrake, Interim Chief Diversity Officer Donyell Roseboro and Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Brian Victor are collaborators on the project.

“The Meaning (and Fragility) of Democracy: Integrating the Undergraduate Experience, Community Engagement, and the History of Wilmington, North Carolina to Enhance Civic Education at a Mid-Size Public University,” centers on democracy as a lived experience. Students will explore what it means to participate in a democracy, how that participation is activated through civic engagement and how fragile that participation may be under certain circumstances. The project will focus on Wilmington’s history, including the 1898 coup d’état and massacre.

“Students are mostly unaware of this history, as it is not a history typically found in textbooks. We intend to engage our students with Wilmington’s history through a collection of curricular and co-curricular activities,” said Mingé. “These experiences will prepare students to become informed and engaged participants in the democratic practice of their local and national communities and help students develop a complex understanding of the history and fragility of democracy.”

The Teagle Foundation works to support and strengthen liberal arts education. Its goal is to serve as a catalyst for improving teaching and learning in the arts and sciences while addressing financial sustainability and accountability issues in higher education.

The grant is part of UNCW’s multi-year fundraising campaign to support students, faculty, programs and facilities. The university began counting gifts toward Like No Other: The Campaign for UNCW on July 1, 2015.

-- Venita Jenkins