Notice: Message from Chancellor Sartarelli

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Now that the verdict in the State v. Chauvin case has been announced, the question on the minds of many of us today is this – where do we go from here? For far too long, communities of color have borne the brunt of social and racial injustices that have denied them the fundamental rights and dignity they deserve. We recognize this historical fact while  also understanding the complicated nature of human identity. We acknowledge the ways in which race has privileged some and disenfranchised others, while we know that race is not the sum of the human existence. We can work to confront our deeply troubled lived experiences with race while we also fight to affirm the dignity of those with other, marginalized identities.   

We face this moment, committing to building a future free from systemic violence and racism. We must create the kind of learning and living spaces that allow us to talk with each other, and to find those bonds that empower us to see beyond our divisions. We will learn from the injustice that continues in this region, this country, and the world. And we must act. 

George Floyd, we will remember your name. 

We ask that each of you be present for one another. Support is available for students through the University Counseling Center and for faculty and staff through the Employee Assistance Program.