Message from the Chancellor: Statement of Support for Our Asian and Pacific Islander Communities

Friday, March 19, 2021

We stand in unity with our Asian and Pacific Islander community to denounce recent violence and hate crimes that have occurred across the nation, and we extend our sympathy to the victims and their families. Acts of hatred, bigotry and racism are unacceptable, wherever they occur, and we must work to ensure that every member of our community has the support to live, work and learn without fear.

UNCW is committed to building an environment where everyone is valued and feels safe. We will continue to ensure that our campus is a place where all people are welcomed and our diversity is celebrated. Anyone facing the threat of violence or is a victim of violence should contact the UNCW Police Department. Individuals can also report harassment, discrimination and retaliation by submitting this complaint form. Students, staff and faculty can also connect with other support services and resources through the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion.

Members of our campus community may be experiencing high levels of stress as a result of the recent violence. We encourage our students to seek help and support through the Counseling Center. Faculty and staff can access counseling services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

As a part of our ongoing commitment to campus safety, diversity, equity and inclusion, please take a moment to review UNCW’s Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy, Student Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct Policy, Workplace Violence Protocol and Policy and the Seahawk Respect Compact.

Thank you for attending to each other and living the core values we share as a campus.