UNCW Office of the Arts Launches “Artivism for Social Change” Series

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Artists have long used their creative endeavors to communicate the truth of their experiences. The UNCW Office of the Arts has curated Artivism for Social Change, a collaborative series of arts events and programs, to expand on this theme. 
The series draws its name from the combination arts and activism, reflecting an intentional effort to inspire discussion among members of the campus and the community, according to Fidias Reyes, director of arts engagement at UNCW. 
"Artvisim for Social Change is an on-going initiative aimed at creating a culturally healthy campus through interactive, immersive artistic experiences,” she said. The programming we've created brings together students, faculty and artists in a space where critical conversations can be expressed through a creative lens." 
Several campus and community partners are involved in Artivism for Social Change, including students and faculty in the Department of Art and Art History and Department of Theatre; K-12 students from participating schools in New Hanover County; faculty in the Watson College of Education, regional artists; the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusionthe College of Health and Human Services, and the Office of Community Engagement and Applied Learning.  
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