Housing and Residence Life Shares Spring Term Update with Faculty and Staff

Thursday, October 29, 2020

This morning, students living on campus received an individualized email outlining closing information for the fall and opening information for the spring. Closing information included: 

  • All first-year students will need to leave campus for winter break on November 25 by 1 p.m. Each of them will receive additional detailed information pertinent to their residence hall from their Residence Coordinators in early November. 
  • Students who are not in their first year and are living on campus in our Seahawk Apartments and University Suites will be allowed to stay over the breaks. They will also receive additional information from their Residence Coordinators in early November on building services during the breaks.  
  • First-year students who went home for the de-densification of the residence halls will receive returning information for the spring. First-year students who left for the fall and were in double rooms will receive an opportunity unique to them about remaining home for the spring. This information will be provided to them in advance of scheduling classes, so if they choose to do this, they will have the opportunity to schedule classes coded as OLSYN or OLASY. The email will include specific steps they will need to take to request this preference to Housing, including a November 20 decision deadline. All that said, we expect many will choose to return to live on campus. 
  • All students will have an opportunity to be tested for COVID-19 before they return home to their families for the holidays. This information will be sent to them in a separate communication in November. 

Students returning for the spring will get an email in January that will outline the return-to-campus process. Our campus health officials are currently working on a plan that will require residential students to be tested for COVID-19 prior to their return. Plans also are underway for a COVID-19 surveillance testing process for students during the spring term.  

Although we don’t know when our lives will begin to have some degree of normalcy, the courage and resilience shown by our students, faculty and staff have made us proud and evermore grateful to be Seahawks.

Brian Victor 
Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs 
Peter Groenendyk 
Director of Housing and Residence Life