WEATHER ALERT: Tropical Weather from Isaias to Affect UNCW Campus Tonight, Tuesday Morning

Monday, August 03, 2020

Based on forecasts from the National Weather Service, tropical weather conditions are expected to affect the UNCW area overnight (Monday, Aug. 3) and into the early morning hours tomorrow (Aug. 4). According to current forecasts, Isaias will move past southeastern North Carolina on Tuesday. 

Summer students and staff who are currently living on campus should review specific storm guidance sent to your campus inboxes by Housing & Residence Life. You are expected to shelter in place in your residence hall room during the storm, beginning at 5 p.m. Housing will notify you on Tuesday, Aug. 4, when it is safe to move about campus. Please contact if you have questions. 


Condition 1 of the Adverse Weather Policy went into effect on Monday, Aug. 3 at 7 a.m. and will remain in effect through Tuesday, Aug. 4 at 5 p.m. If there is a change in the Condition 1 status, employees will be notified right away, via email, the UNCW homepage, and social media feeds. 

Employees who have been working remotely and who were scheduled to return to work on campus starting on Tuesday, Aug. 4, please continue to work remotely unless your supervisor instructs you otherwise.  For employees who have already been working regularly on campus, please do not report to work on campus on Tuesday, Aug. 4 unless your supervisor instructs you to do so. If you are not required to report to campus by your supervisor, your supervisor can authorize your participation in online training programs or other professional development activities to help mitigate the required use of your personal leave time.    


As previously shared, classes that follow the traditional fall semester calendar are not in session now. Those courses are scheduled to begin Aug. 19. UNCW’s OAP Summer 2 2020 session will continue as scheduled. Enrolled students who experience connection issues or have trouble continuing in classes due to a disruption caused by storm conditions should email your instructor(s) immediately. Faculty are willing to work with you if they are aware of your needs and challenges. Please also copy your academic advisor on your e-mail communication.

Monitor Campus Inboxes, UNCW Communication Channels

Please continue to monitor your campus email, the UNCW homepage, and UNCW social media feeds (Facebook and Twitter) for campus updates. Pay close attention to your campus inbox (subject lines with “Weather” or “Alert” merit special attention) and Facebook as they are the sources of information that will likely be updated first in the case of developments. Monitor the National Weather Service and local media outlets for current information about storm conditions. 

In the event of a tornado warning, the university will activate the UNCWAlert emergency notification system, which includes voice and text messages. During a tornado warning, seek shelter immediately. Move to an interior hallway or a room on the lowest floor of the building, avoid windows and take shelter beneath a desk or heavy furniture. Wait for an all-clear message from UNCW. Updates will be shared when available. All students and employees should keep cell phones charged and powered on for the duration of the storm. 

Thank you.


National Hurricane Center