UNCW Doctoral Student Marae Lindquist Receives NOAA Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowship

Thursday, August 06, 2020

UNCW doctoral student Marae Lindquist has been selected for the National Estuarine Research Reserve System’s Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowship.

Awarded by the NOAA Office of Coastal Management, the two-year fellowship places one graduate student at each of the 29 national estuarine research reserves. Through a research project, fellows address a key coastal management question to help scientists and communities understand coastal challenges that may influence future policy and management strategies, according to the NOAA Office of Coastal Management.

“This fellowship will allow me to continue my research for an additional two years and will help me develop important relationships with scientists, community leaders, policymakers, and a cohort of 28 other talented fellows from the other national estuarine research reserves,” Lindquist said.

Lindquist is researching the population biology of saltmarsh and seaside sparrows during their non-breeding season in southeastern North Carolina. Part of her work focuses on predicting how sea level rise will influence their habitats and population sizes through the year 2060.

“Little is known about the wintering biology of these secretive marsh birds whose populations are in decline,” she said. “This research aims to provide information to coastal managers and can be used as a framework for other vulnerable marsh species.”

Lindquist will be working closely with staff at the N.C. Coastal Reserve and National Estuarine Research Reserve, which will provide guidance and mentorship throughout the fellowship. Pending congressional appropriations, each fellow would receive a $34,000 stipend and $7,000 for professional development travel. Each research reserve would receive approximately $7,000 for equipment and supplies for the fellow’s research.

-- Venita Jenkins