UNCW Announces General Schedule for Faculty/Staff to Return to Campus

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

As we move closer to our students’ return to UNCW for the fall semester, it is time to start increasing the number of employees approved for on-campus assignments. Please see the following schedule for general information about employees’ return to campus, but remember that your specific circumstances may be different depending on the area of campus in which you work, your ability to complete your work off-site, your personal health situation, the amount of student-facing interaction your program/office has, etc. 

Many areas, such as Facilities, University Police Department, Environmental Health and Safety, the Student Health Center, UNCW Athletics and others already have a number of employees working on campus. Many divisions/departments (for example, Student Affairs) may require employees to return to campus earlier than outlined below in order to be well staffed by the time students begin arriving on campus to drop off their belongings (July 31). Please connect with your supervisors if you are unsure about how the information below applies to you.

General Timeline for Faculty & Staff to Return to Campus 

July 21–24

Managers and supervisors who have not already been back to campus are welcome to begin returning to campus this week along with select administrative support personnel who are willing/able to work on campus to prepare offices and worksites for other employees to return to campus.

Managers, supervisors and select administrative support should be identified by the Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor or Dean responsible for specific units within their organization. Managers and supervisors should complete the Supervisor Checklist and review the information outlined on the university’s “Best for the Nest” website.

July 27–July 31

The university plans to restore card access for the campus community, which means employees will be able to visit their offices, obtain materials needed for upcoming classes and work assignments, etc. Please communicate in advance with your manager/supervisor if you plan to stop by campus during this week. Employees accessing campus should adhere to the university’s Community Standards (PDF), which also are available in the “Best for the Nest: A Guide for Returning to Campus”(PDF).

August 3–14

Employees who will be working on-site either full-time or part-time should plan to return to campus within this timeframe on a date determined by your supervisor. It is essential that student support offices be open for operations no later than Aug. 10. Employees who will be teleworking either full-time or part-time as the fall semester progresses should complete a revised teleworking agreement with their supervisor/manager during this period. Note: an updated version of the teleworking agreement will be shared as soon as it is available.


It is impossible to address all relevant questions in a single message intended for a large, general audience. For more information, please connect with your supervisors or reach out to the following resources:

Return to Campus questions:

COVID-19 questions:

Campus health and safety questions:

We also encourage faculty and staff to continue monitoring your campus inboxes for additional information from campus divisions, departments and programs with specific details that may be applicable to you. No one can accurately predict what this pandemic will have in store for us in the coming months, and the university will continue to adapt its plans for the fall as needed to maintain our readiness for the full range of potential impacts. By working together, we have made tremendous progress in preparing the UNCW community for the return to campus in August. Thank you for your ongoing collaboration and support as we continue moving forward toward the start of the fall semester.