UNCW Announces “Best for the Nest: A Guide for Returning to Campus”

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Update - Please see Fall 2020 Return: UNCW Launches "Best for the Nest" Website for additional resources and information (July 10).

As we continue to prepare for the fall semester, we want to make you aware of an important resource from various areas of campus. Please review “Best for the Nest: A Guide for Returning to Campus” carefully in order to ensure you have the latest information available regarding UNCW’s guiding principles for navigating the pandemic, COVID-related community standards, safety measures and general plans for employees’ return to campus.
The “Best for the Nest” Guide reflects the information currently available regarding our fall plans, health and safety initiatives, and phased return of employees, but we know changes always are a possibility in a situation like this. We ask for your patience as the university leadership team continues to make decisions based on updates from state and local authorities as well as health experts. A Returning to Campus website is in development, where we will share updates as they become available, and we will revise the "Best for the Nest" Guide as needed. Stay tuned to UNCW's communication tools (campus inboxes, the website and social media) for more information about classes, activities and other events.
Safety Measures
As we return to campus, cloth face coverings or masks will be required for indoor movement and when participating in meetings, events, classes, gatherings, in shared spaces, standing in lines and when doing research with others. Employees are not expected to wear a face covering when working alone in a room or office, or when walking alone in an uncrowded outdoor location. Students are not expected to wear a face covering when in their residence hall room. The university will provide each student and employee with two face coverings; you will receive more information about distribution in the coming weeks.
All faculty, staff, students and visitors will also be required to maintain physical distance from others. Signage will be placed throughout campus, including in classrooms and other communal spaces, entrances/exits, elevators, and restrooms, to remind everyone of distancing guidelines. These measures, in addition to frequent handwashing, are effective ways to help protect you and those around you. For more information about the changes UNCW is making to enhance campus safety, please see “Best for the Nest: A Guide for Returning to Campus.”
Returning to Campus and Pandemic Safety Awareness Training for Employees
Given the need for flexibility throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be one date on which all employees will return to campus; faculty and staff will initially return to campus in a limited capacity based on a situational assessment by managers and campus leadership. This assessment takes into consideration, in part, individuals’ work locations in order to manage the density of buildings and work areas. Many employees who are currently teleworking effectively will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. In addition, managers will be encouraged to consider continued teleworking options, alternating schedules, and staggered reporting and departing times, in an effort to reduce workspace density however possible. Priorities for return will include positions that are needed for research activities or to support campus reopening efforts, or are critical to ongoing operations. Employees will be notified by their supervisors of their return-to-campus date with as much notice as possible. 
All faculty and staff will be expected to complete virtual training before returning to campus. We encourage employees to access and complete the training as soon as time allows so it won’t be a last-minute need during the process of returning to campus. To access the training:

  • Login to mySeaport 
  • Select the Administrative Services tab
  • Select UNCW EH&S Vivid Learning Access under the Finance and Business Affairs heading, Services subheading.
  • Select “Pandemics: Slowing the Spread” and “Cold, Flu, and Transmissible Illness Prevention” to participate in and complete the training.
  • When you are done you can print out a certificate if you would like.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation! Working together, and doing our part, all of us can help to make UNCW safer for everyone.
If you have questions about COVID-19, email For questions about returning to campus, email