UNCW Documentary ‘Keepers of the Bees’ Accepted into Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

Friday, June 26, 2020

A documentary released last fall by UNCW’s media production team has been accepted into the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival, the city’s premiere event for micro-budget and no-budget films from around the world.

The film, “Keepers of the Bees,” was inspired by a group of UNCW students who turned their passion for bee preservation into a thriving campus community of honey bee advocates. The students formed the UNCW Beekeepers Club, and six of the club’s current and former members are featured in the film. 

“Telling a long-form story about how UNCW students are raising awareness to better the world is very meaningful to me,” said the film’s director and UNCW Director of Media Production Jesse Bradley. “I’m also very proud of the work my team and the students working on the project did to help create this beautiful film.”

The Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival was created in 2010 with the mission to integrate the worlds of cinematic creativity and innovation to transform lives for the better. The festival works to empower varying voices to tell stories of cultural and social significance in order to impact meaningful change.

“Being accepted into this particular film festival is personal to me because Pittsburgh is my hometown, and it’s always great to screen in front of a hometown audience,” said Bradley. “The story itself is also so important to tell. Honey bees are essential to modern agriculture, so we all need to take notice of the health challenges they are enduring.”

“Keepers of the Bees” premiered last October in Lumina Theater on the UNCW campus. For more information about the film and to watch the trailer, visit its website, here.

July 20, 2020 update: The film has also been accepted into the Real to Reel International Film Festival in Kings Mountain, NC.

- Christina Schechtman