Update: Commencement Ceremonies

Thursday, March 19, 2020

We wanted to answer one of your most pressing questions in real time, as information becomes available to us.
Our first update is a heartbreaking one that we had hoped to avoid. We believe commencement ceremonies will most likely not be able to occur on their scheduled dates in early May. We have been working toward avoiding this outcome, but it may now be inevitable. We know this is devastating news for our spring graduates and their families. We will share additional information as soon as it is available; we understand the need for a confirmed decision, in terms of planning, travel, accommodations, etc.
We so deeply regret the impact this situation is having on our students and their families, and on our employees and their families. We share in your confusion and distress, and we will offer whatever support we can as we continue to navigate the circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.