UNCW’S New Graduate Film Programs Now Accepting Applications

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Two new film-related master’s programs at UNCW are now accepting applications. The M.A. in film studies and M.F.A. in filmmaking have opened enrollment until February 2020. 
The programs are designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of film-related fields, building skills from cinematography and directing to research and publishing. The integrative curriculum will prepare graduates for careers in a wide range of fields including the film industry, media, education, research and publishing.
“These are the only film degrees of their kind in the UNC System. There are really no other comparable programs,” said Mariana Johnson, film studies chair and associate professor.
UNCW’s M.F.A. in filmmaking is an immersive three-year terminal degree program that prepares students to be complete filmmakers. The curriculum includes workshop-style courses in cinematography, screenwriting, editing, sound design, producing and directing. The M.A. in film studies is a two-year program, in which students work closely with faculty to develop individualized courses of study that support their research agendas and professional goals, culminating in master's theses.
The two programs have been designed to work in conjunction to maximize learning and career opportunities. The curriculum will offer select critical studies courses and an applied learning experience, all of which will be available to both M.A. and M.F.A. students in the department. Fostering collaborative campus partnerships and enhanced applied learning opportunities are key objectives of the university’s Strategic Plan.
“People who review television, movies or social media or who work in journalism and publishing will often be doing that very work with visual media,” said Johnson. “Part of the mission of our integrated programs is that these things cross-fertilize. Our M.A. students will get expertise in film history, theory and aesthetics, but they can also use some of the more practical applied learning skills to make the content they create more relevant, visual and compelling.”
Those interested in more information or who wish to apply should visit the Film Studies Graduate Programs’ website.
-- Christina Schechtman