UNCW College of Arts and Sciences Establishes Visiting Artist and Scholar Program

Thursday, January 03, 2019

UNCW will welcome the first visiting faculty in the newly established Visiting Artist and Scholar Program for spring 2019: pianist Paolo André Gualdi; Carly A. Kocurek, associate professor of digital humanities and media studies at the Illinois Institute of Technology; and multimedia sound artist Nathaniel Ober. The program, established by the College of Arts and Sciences, is supported in part by the Beane Wright Foundation through UNCW Board of Trustees member Agnes R. Beane.

“This initiative enriches UNCW’s already robust arts and humanities programs and reflects the university’s commitment to global learning,” said CAS Dean Aswani Volety. “By bringing world-class scholars and artists to our campus, this program will create new applied-learning and collaborative research opportunities that will benefit students and faculty. We are grateful for the Beane Wright Foundation’s support of this endeavor.”

The visiting faculty members represent different specialties, each embodying interdisciplinary collaboration and applied learning, which are key strategic goals of UNCW and CAS, said Michelle Scatton-Tessier, associate dean for curriculum, new programs and college policy. Their residencies, which will last a minimum of seven weeks, will include collaborative research, student and faculty workshops, public lectures and performances.

“The program reinforces UNCW’s position as an institution that welcomes scholars and artists who will enhance our instruction, research and community engagement,” Scatton-Tessier said. 

Gualdi, the winner of numerous piano competitions and founder/artistic director of the South Carolina Chamber Music Festival, will offer workshops, coach students, collaborate with faculty and arrange performances involving a branch of jazz that intersects with classical music. 

Kocurek focuses on the intersection of interactive media and culture, including the history of video games, gaming and gender and game development. Her residency will touch on a number of disciplines, including a growing interest in the digital humanities, UNCW’s public history program, communication studies, computer science, English, and gender and women’s studies. 

Ober’s work in multimedia arts with a focus on natural sounds and musical instrument creation has potential applications in the digital arts program and the departments of art and art history; computer science; music; and environmental sciences. He will facilitate workshops, student projects and a campus arts installation. 

CAS intends to invite at least one visiting artist/scholar per semester, with the disciplines rotating among arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. 

-- Tricia Vance 



Paolo André Gualdi


Carly Kocurek


Nathaniel Ober