University Statement Re. Delay in Belk, University Apartments Reopening

Saturday, October 06, 2018

The university has been working diligently and expeditiously over the past several weeks, with the help of hundreds of contractors, to prepare and service campus buildings affected by the storm, including the residence halls. We have made great progress and were prepared to accept students this morning. However, after a final walk-through last night to confirm we were ready for students, we have determined we are not comfortable welcoming students back into Belk Hall and the University Apartments.

While the issue is primarily in the hallway areas of Belk Hall and the hallways and common areas of the University Apartments, we must act with the utmost caution for student health and safety. As such, we have decided to delay occupancy of rooms in those buildings. We anticipate completing the repair and service of the common areas and hallways over the next couple of days. In the meantime, the university is compiling options for off-campus housing, for short-term rental.

This is incredibly unfortunate and disappointing, for our students and for us. We realize the inconvenience it poses and are doing everything we can to resolve this, and to support our displaced students as best we can.