Rising UNCW Senior Part of Immersive Learning Experience with UNC System

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

What will the class portrait of North Carolina’s next generation of education and civic leaders look like?

If we’re lucky, something resembling 2018’s group of Marian Drane Graham scholars.

For six weeks this summer, six resourceful and charismatic students from the UNC System have been embedded across different state agencies, where they’ve helped research solutions for some of the challenges facing North Carolina’s education systems. On June 29, these budding leaders convened to report on what they’ve learned.

The Marian Drane Graham Scholars Program provides rising juniors and seniors in the UNC System with an immersive learning experience designed to help them develop leadership skills and gain a better understanding of key issues facing public higher education. Over the course of their internships, these students collaborated closely with site supervisors and System Office staff. In addition, visits with key policy leaders and elected officials in North Carolina and in Washington, DC provided them with insight on how to launch a career in public service.

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