UNCW Launches International Faculty and Staff Association

Monday, October 23, 2017

Interdisciplinary collaboration and global outreach are among UNCW’s strategic priorities. The newly formed International Faculty and Staff Association not only provides international faculty and staff a supportive campus network, but will increase awareness of international issues through academic and cultural programs.

The idea for IFSA started at a reception years ago, said Edelmira Segovia, director of UNCW Centro Hispano.

“A core group of 10 colleagues met over the next semester to create the bylaws and establish the association. We exist to provide teaching, research and mentoring support to each other, as well as to our international students.”

The group is comprised of 59 people and welcomes new members. “We have 50 international faculty members currently on our visa sponsorship,” said Segovia. “In addition, many faculty and staff members across campus were born abroad but now reside in the area, myself included.” Faculty and staff members interested in becoming a member must complete the online application.

IFSA is setting up sub-committees and their first activity as an organization will be hosting a table at the upcoming i-Fest.

Executive Committee Members: 
Dijana Jakelic, Faculty Co-Chair
Edelmira Segovia, Staff Co-Chair
Marina Quarticelli, Secretary
Regina Felix, Treasurer
Mahnaz Moallem, Publicity Chair

-- Caroline Cropp