UNCW Announces New Master’s Programs in Business and Finance

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two new UNCW master’s degrees are slated to begin fall semester of 2018, the university announced today. The online programs: one, a concentrated, one-year master’s program in finance and investment management, and the other, a professional science master’s degree program in business analytics, will both be based in UNCW’s Cameron School of Business.

Designed to produce professionals with strong analytical skills to help meet the needs of the finance and analytics fields, these master’s programs will train students to apply advanced methods and skills to realistic investment and business analytics problems. Students will develop industry-relevant techniques and tools providing them with increased opportunities for post-graduate career placement, a priority identified in UNCW’s Strategic Plan. Graduates will be prepared for growing careers as financial analysts, risk management specialists and portfolio managers, among others.

 “Graduates of these programs will have specialized, workforce-relevant skills in industries that are in high demand, both locally and nationally,” said Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli. “Various workforce surveys indicate a shortage of qualified candidates available, and these programs will address those prominent industry needs.”

Developed as 30 credit hours (10 courses) of online instruction through the Cameron School of Business, both degree programs will provide students with a flexible class schedule that fits their lifestyles.

“As fully online programs, the courses are designed and sequenced with the working professional in mind,” said Rob Burrus, dean of the Cameron School of Business. “The programs offer fantastic career opportunities and represent a great value for students.”

In addition to the versatility of the programs’ coursework, students in the new master’s programs will benefit from the distinctive educational experience that comes from attending the Cameron School of Business.

“The creation of the online finance and investment management and business analytics master’s programs will build on the already strong reputation of our Cameron School of Business,” said Nivine Richie, economics and finance department chair. “The programs will prepare graduates for meaningful and successful careers and will maximize UNCW’s positive impact on North Carolina and beyond.”

-- Christina Schechtman