Thanks and Congratulations from Chancellor Sartarelli

Friday, March 17, 2017

I want to thank you for all of the support you showed our men's basketball team as they made their way through a stellar season, capturing another CAA championship and showing a strong effort versus UVA yesterday. Although the final game didn't go our way, I couldn't have been more proud of the enthusiasm that Seahawk fans showed all year. Our students, faculty and staff, alumni and Seahawk Club supporters, Trustees, and the "Seahawk Nation" as a whole contributed enormously to the energy level the team maintained this season. With your presence at Trask for our home games and at the viewing party yesterday, at the team send-off before the CAA championship and yesterday's game, and with your very visible support via social media, you went out of your way to show the team we were behind them all the way.
I also want to thank and congratulate Coach Keatts, his staff, and the team for their outstanding performance all year. Their hard work and dedication paid off on the court, of course, but even more so, the way they carried themselves in victory and defeat should make us all proud. I am grateful for Coach's leadership and the national visibility he and his players have brought to our program and our university. The respect he has from his team and colleagues, our fans, and the entire world of college basketball is very well-deserved.
We are first and foremost an academic institution, but our commitment to scholarship is very impressively complemented by the athletic achievements of our students and coaches across the board. Today, like every day, is a great day to be a Seahawk.
With best regards,
Jose V. Sartarelli