Seabelles, a UNCW A Cappella Group, Competing in International Collegiate Championship

Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 is beginning on a high-note for the Seabelles, UNCW’s only female a cappella group. They have been selected to compete in the quarterfinals of the International Collegiate Championship of A Cappella on Jan. 21.

The group auditioned via a video submission last October and will travel to Tallahassee to compete against 450 other groups. Finals will be held in the historic Beacon Theatre in New York City in April. The competition was featured in the popular 2012 film Pitch Perfect.

“This is the first time any a cappella group from UNCW has been accepted,” said Haley Norris, president of Seabelles. “The Seabelles have been my favorite part of UNCW and I’m excited for this opportunity and what the future holds.” 

Founded in 2010, the Seabelles perform songs from numerous genres both on and off campus. They practice twice a week and arrange all of their music, with music director Madeleine Cutrone leading rehearsals. 

In addition to two main concerts a year, they sing the National Anthem for the Miracle League games at Olsen Park, a sports league for special-needs individuals.

“While I have the pleasure of being their faculty advisor, this is entirely their work and their accomplishment,” said UNCW music faculty member Joe Hickman. “I’m pleased for them and appreciate what they do for the cultural environment.” 

Currently, there are 16 members of the group:

Jordan Cannon
Madeleine Cutrone (music director)
Avianne Harris
Charlotte Kornegay

Jessica Freedman
Callie Heisler
Lyndah Muthama
Haley Norris (president)
Megan Yadusky

Allison Boggs
Angela Cotton
Sarah Morrison (treasurer)
Brianna Ross (vice president)

Kelly McGhee
Erica Ranosa
Rose Reese

-- Caroline Cropp