Native American Studies Minor

Three Native Americans dancing at a Powwow

What the Native American Studies Minor offers

The Native American Studies minor, offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, is an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental minor which focuses on the history, cultures, religions, arts, and literatures of American Indians of both North and South America. Participating departments include English, History, Anthropology, and Philosophy and Religion.

The Native American Studies Minor exposes students to arts, cultures, literatures, and histories other than the dominant Western ones. A minor in Native American Studies can open the doors to new and different ways of viewing the world, new explanations of creation, new approaches to the environment, new concepts of history, politics, and religion, new ways of telling stories, of maintaining families and cultures, and even of keeping time.

How One Declares an NAS Minor

  1. Go to the registrar's office (James Hall) and ask for a change of major form that has a box to add a minor.
  2. Fill out the form, selecting the Native American Studies (NAS) minor.
  3. Turn in the form and notify your major advisor and the coordinator of the NAS minor.