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Common questions about electronic door access

Access to campus Academic Buildings must be requested through your department's Access Liaison (an individual designated by a department to request and monitor employee/student access). To assist your Access Liaison, please try to answer the following questions when inquiring about building access:

  • WHO needs access to the space. This includes the name and Campus ID number of the individual who will need access.
  • WHERE do they need access to. We work with departments and their access liaisons to configure access levels to meet their needs.
  • WHEN do they need access. Access is dictated on a weekly schedule and set when the access level is created. The access liaison would need to notify us of the specific access level to use, or notify us of the time period when the cardholder should be able to enter the door (e.g. Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM).
  • HOW LONG should access be active. Unless the cardholder is a permanent UNCW employee, the access liaison will need to notify us of a start and end date for the access requested. 

If you need to know which access liaison to contact, or have any additional questions, please contact the Physical Security and Access Department Abby phone at 910.962.3540 or by email at

The UNCW OneCard Office generates and distributes Campus OneCards. Please reach out to them if you need to create or replace your OneCard. Please make sure to follow the OneCard office procedure for requesting a OneCard.

The OneCard Office can be contacted by phone at 910.962.3560 or by email at

If you are having trouble gaining entry into your residence hall, please reach out to the Housing and Residence Life Office(HRL). They can be reached by phone at 910.962.3241 or by email at

The Access Management team is available 24/7 to handle any access issues, but in accordance with security procedures, any request to change dorm access must come from the proper entity within HRL. 

All access to the Pat Leonard Recreations Center is dictated by the policies set by the Campus Recreation department. For information regarding membership requirements, please refer to the Campus Recreation Member Services page. To enter the facilities, you must have your campus OneCard for access. 

In the event a patron has an active membership, but the patron's OneCard is not allowing access, please reach out the Access Management department. We can help diagnose if the issue is due to an deficiency with the OneCard itself.

Their are a variety of hardware issues which can affect access control. If you happen to encounter an access controlled door with a hardware malfunction, please reach out to Access Management and we will notify the appropriate party. Some of the common issues could be:

  • Door not fully securing
  • Door unlocks/locks too quickly to open after a valid scan
  • Door keypad damaged

If you are curious about some of the common door hardware issues, please refer to page showing a more in depth look at electronic doors

Access Management references the Campus Reservation System to determine if any campus events fall outside of the University's normal operating hours. If an event is scheduled through the Campus reservation system, the Access Management team will schedule the corresponding doors to accommodate.

To ensure electronic doors are scheduled properly, please make sure to input your event before 3:00 PM on the preceding Friday. 

Contact The Office Of Facilities

Standard Business Hours:

Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM