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Doors on Campus

Door Reader FAQS

A reader that is beeping may indicate a power fault or communication error with the system. Both of these errors may result in the loss of the ability to access these doors with a OneCard. If you happen to encounter such a reader, please contact PS&A by email or call 910.962.3564.

If you present your card to a reader, and the reader doesn't respond and not visible light is present, the reader is likely not powered. This could be caused by a fault in the connection to it's power source if the door is hardwire, or simply dead batteries if the reader is wireless. In such events the door will default to a locked state. To report such a reader, contact PS&A by email or call 910.962.3564.

There are many different reasons why presenting your card to a reader does not cause the door to open. It could be the cardholder does not have access to the door, the OneCard has become damaged, or there is a malfunction in the door hardware. In such an event, please contact PS&A by email or call 910.962.3564 and provide them with you name, cardnumber, door location, and a description of the issue you are experiencing. 

In the event you find a reader that is damaged (e.g. PIN pad broken, reader housing damaged, unconnected from mount surface) Contact PS&A by email or call 910.962.3564 and we will send out a hardware technician to investigate the issue. 

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