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Course Packs

  • Course pack requests should be submitted as early as possible to allow time for obtaining copyright permissions and for print production.
  • Copyrighted materials such as magazine articles, chapters of books, photos or graphs from published material, or entire books require a copyright release prior to printing. All royalty fees will be added to the cost of the publication and will be paid by Printing Services.
  • Occasionally it is permissible to copy copyrighted materials without a copyright clearance. The doctrine of "fair use" permits reproducing portions of a copyrighted work without the copyright owner's permission providing that all criteria within the guidelines are met. 
  1. Professor submits the course pack originals to Printing Services.
  2. If the course pack contains copyrighted material, Printing Services personnel will take the necessary steps to obtain permission. Any permission or royalty fees will be added to the cost of producing the job, and Printing Services will pay the fee. There will be a $1 charge per permission to cover the expenses of telephone calls, faxes, etc. The instructor will be notified of the copyright fees before the purchase is made.
  3. Printing Services personnel will contact the UNCW Bookstore and Seahawk Book & Supply with the course title, course number, Instructor's name and quantity requested to determine the number of course packs to print.
  4. Printing Services produces the course packs and delivers them to the UNCW Bookstore and Seahawk Book & Supply.
  5. Printing Services returns the course pack originals to the professor and stores an electronic version on file under the semester in which it was received.
  6. Professors receive one complimentary Instructor's copy per every 25 course packs produced. Additional instructor's copies must be purchased from the UNCW Bookstore.
  7. If the UNCW Bookstore or Seahawk Book & Supply needs more course packs, they will submit a re-order to Printing Services. Course pack reprints are a priority for Printing Services and will be turned around in no more than 2 working days. Most course packs will be delivered the day following the request.
  8. Students cannot buy course packs directly from Printing Services; course packs must be purchased at either the UNCW Bookstore or Seahawk Book & Supply.