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Poster Printing

How to Submit a Poster to be Printed

NOTE ABOUT THE SPRING SEMESTER: April is full. We cannot accept any more posters to be printed during the month of April. 

If you are assigning posters in your classes or organizing an event, you must work with me ( to agree on a due date and receive specific instructions.

Students: You should have received instructions for how to submit your poster from your instructor or event organizer. If they have not provided you with this information, please ask them coordinate with Dr. Liu (

All posters must be converted to a PDF (see instructions here) and named with LastName_UNCWUserName at the beginning of the file name (note: your username is the beginning of your email address, NOT your 850 number). For example, “Jones_tnj2394 ShowcasePoster.pdf”. This is how we know how to contact you if there are problems or when your poster is done. Incorrectly naming your poster may cause delays in communications. We are not responsible if you submit a ppt file and your poster does not convert correctly in the printing process. You will need to get it reprinted elsewhere.

To submit a poster for printing, upload the pdf of your poster to the appropriate folder below. You will probably need to click on the blue "+Add new" button in the top left corner and then click on "Files upload". You will not be able to edit the filename so name it correctly before uploading it. The dates listed below are the days I will start printing. I will do my best to get them all done that day but I cannot guarantee that will be the case, as it depends on my schedule, how many posters were submitted, and if the printer is cooperating. Therefore, if you need your poster on March 22, we do not recommend submitting it to the March 21 folder. Rather, you should submit it to the March 14 folder. The links will automatically expire at 11:59pm. Plan accordingly, as posters sent by email will NOT be printed. The exact timing of when your poster will be printed is determined by how many posters have been submitted and Dr. Liu’s schedule. You will receive an email when your poster is ready to be picked up.


To be printed Feb 15 2024; Due Feb 14 1159pm

To be printed Feb 22 2024; Due Feb 21 1159pm

To be printed Feb 29 2024; Due Feb 28 1159pm

To be printed March 14 2024; Due March 13 1159pm

To be printed March 21 2024; Due March 20 1159pm

To be printed March 28 2024; Due March 27 1159pm

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